tree Casa Resort 

Oct 4 to Oct 31 2021

28 Day Hatha & Tibetan Buddhism Yoga Teacher Training

Be brave, rip yourselves out of your routine, jump into the cold water and study with Diamond Heart Yoga. It will be a chance ‘to empty the cup’ and refill it with a new potion including new seeds of love, joy, peace and wisdom. While we provide a safe space, you will also have the opportunity to discover insights by yourself, find a new outlook, and untangle the snarls in your psyches. We will have fun stretching, become stronger, celebrate life and learn how to share authentic wisdom from your heart.

Why choose this course?

Our energetic teacher training course introduces you to the multifaceted world of yoga principles and practice. This training is specifically designed to help curious and passionate students strengthen their practice and to safely teach yoga to others. 

Included, you will study the deeper meanings of the "Eight Limbs of Yoga". You will study in its entirety, verse by verse Master Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, functional anatomy, lifestyle, nutrition, teachings from traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan buddhism and Tibetan heart yoga.

In these trainings and retreats Scott Nanamura draws from a deep experience of extensive training over 20 years, from a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga philosophy.  With many years of training in Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Yoga, comes a rich background in Anatomy and Functional Anatomy. Over the years of taking classes, teaching classes &  leading teacher trainings all over the world, He has noticed that the anatomy, functional anatomy & philosophy is a missing component in many trainings, and these components are key to further a teachers knowledge to be able to inspire their students to have a richer & transformative experience in class.


Keeping all these core subjects in mind, our training is one of the only trainings in the world that largely focuses on Philosophy, Anatomy, Functional Anatomy & Alignment - which in todays world is soo important for a teacher to have the confidence to teach that to others.  

With that, Diamond Heart Yoga has been traveling the globe for years now hosting YTT's in unique, magnetic locations and is expanding more and more each year and we are honored to have you interested in joining the Diamond Heart Yoga kula this year!

To book all you need to do is..

Yoga at Home

Our Itinerary

  • 06:00 - 06:30 Meditation

  • 06:30 - 08:00 Asana practice

  • 08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast

  • 09:00- 1:00 Morning lectures 

  • 1:00 - 2:00 Lunch

  • 2:00 - 4:00 Break down of poses and teachbacks


What you get

27 nights Luxurious modern accommodations

Daily Asana, Meditation & Pranayama

Dynamic lectures & philosophy classes

Certificate of completion

Closing ceremony

Beach front access

Daily nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner
​The confidence to teach beginning/intermediate Hatha Yoga, Philosophy and meditation to your students, effectively and efficiently.

Tree Casa Resort
San Juan del sur 



It began with a tree...Two giant Ceiba trees, rooted deep in the El Encanto jungle, to be exact. 

Back in 2006, a coalition of Californians came together to forge a new kind of community for sustainable living inspired by the confluence of people and places. They founded El Encanto del Sur on Nicaragua's Emerald Coast. A decade later, searching for place to build a small retreat and community volunteering space, came upon the magnificent twins. The Ceibas-considered most sacred iin Mesoamerican tradition for energetically connecting the cosmos, earth and world below-inspired greater aspiration for the original project.

The Ceibas became our compass and anchor, rooted in the majestic jungle and dedicated to forming deeper, fuller, connections between the natural environment and the people who would come to build, create and experience life in Nicaragua.

These trees now house a three-level tree lounge and form the very heart of Tree Casa.


Tree Casa thrives with a firm understanding that any built environment is an inextricable part of a wider ecosystem. We take great care to honor this relationship in all we do-from landscape design to resource conservation, land stewardship and community health. Here are just a few ways we actualize our vision for a more sustainable world.


Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth encompassing physical, mental and social well-being and fulfillment. Tree Casa promotes the many facets of wellness from healthy eating, to connective mind-body-spirit experiences, healing, and opportunities to roll up your sleeves and get involved.


Tree Casa is at the heart of the vibrant community of El Encanto del Sur, together building enduring relationships to the environment, people and place. At Tree Casa we invite guests, locals, Tree Casa Makers and more to stay for the weekend or by the week to experience, connect and create together. At El Encanto, we offer a place to put down roots for the months or for the years for those looking to build the future with us.


  • The History of Yoga and Ancient Writings

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Tantra yoga

  • Karma yoga

  • Hatha yoga

  • Yoga's journey to the West

  • Schools and styles of yoga

  • Anatomy + Functional anatomy in detail

  • Yoga of anatomy and mechanics

  • Teaching an effective yoga class

  • Observation & Adjustments

  • Demonstration

  • Voice and speaking

  • Mirroring students

  • Yoga lifestyle and nutrition

  • All-day yoga

  • pH balance and how it affects your health

  • The healing crisis

  • Teachings from Chinese medicine

  • Sanskrit

  • Business of yoga

  • Marketing in yoga

  • Asana practices

  • Tibetan heart yoga series one, two, and three - The heart chakra series

  • Mahamudra Series (The Great Seal)

  • The Five Winds


- Private room (king bed & garden views)

- Double room (two queen bed & garden views) perfect for two students 
- Only one Quadruple room with 3 twin beds and 1 queen bed. Jungle views

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Oct 4 to Oct 31

Tree Casa Resort

San Juan del sur 



Tuition Only:


Shared Room with shared bathroom

 Private room with ensuite





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