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200 hour Yoga Teacher training description

The Diamond Heart Yoga School teacher training introduces you to the multifaceted world of yoga principles and practice. This training is specifically designed to help curious, passionate students strengthen their practice, and to safely teach yoga to others. Teacher trainees will embark on a once-in-a lifetime journey into an ancient practice that requires an exploration of how yoga works on mental, emotional, physical and energetic planes within the body.

You will explore the ancient lineage teachings of Tibetan Heart Yoga of the subtle body practices, including the three major channels (the two side channels & the central channel), the five major winds and their influence on the body.

During the training you will learn very specific series from the Tibetan Heart Yoga tradition and how you can connect this asana practice with its philosophy. There is no other yoga teacher training that offers Tibetan Heart Yoga.

Compared to many other trainings, the Diamond Heart Yoga School has a large focus on teaching practice, therefore the students start teaching every day after the first few days of training. By the end of the training, students will be able to confidently teach a 60 - 90-minute beginning /intermediate yoga class including yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy.

You will learn the keys to a yogic lifestyle through the teachings of the Yoga Sutras as well as traditional Tibetan Buddhism, and how to embody and embrace this wisdom to share it with your students.

This training emphasizes the core tenets of a yoga teacher training, plus many added surprises based on my background and more than 20 years of teaching. You will learn about anatomical structure and postural movement(functional anatomy) individual postures and their Sanskrit names; alignment and adjustments; injury assessment; meditation; breathing practices; sequencing and class structure; nutrition and lifestyle habits; and ethics and business principles to understand how teachers can be a source of inspiration to others in their communities.

As a Licensed Acupuncturist, I will also be teaching from my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including cultural lifestyle, nutrition and healthy eating habits from a TCM perspective.

Benefits of this training:

  • Teach a Hatha style class safely and with confidence

  • Learn hands on adjustments and alignment techniques

  • Injury assessment and management

  • Learn Anatomy & Functional anatomy in detail

  • Yoga philosophy for life and how to incorporate it in your teaching

  • Learn to tailor classes for beginners/intermediates 

Training FAQs

Q: Will I be prepared to teach yoga right after taking the 200hr yoga teacher training?

A: Yes! This training will give you the tools, as well as confidence to be able to teach immediately after the training. There is a great emphasis placed on practice-teaching and practical exercises during the training.


Q: What style of yoga is offered by Diamond Heart?

A: The yoga style we will practice, and that you will learn to teach, is rooted in Hatha yoga and incorporates aspects of Tibetan Heart Yoga. The practice can be adapted to all levels of practitioners and all body types. This form of yoga is intended to open the energetic channels throughout the body, improve and balance the flow of prana/qi (energy), and bring stillness and steadiness to the mind. 

Q: Will we learn any yoga philosophy?

A: We will study the Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali in depth, in addition to other yogic philosophical texts and Tibetan Buddhism. Diamond Heart Yoga School places an emphasis on the rich philosophical wisdom offered by yoga and Buddhism, and we dive deeply into these principles and practices throughout the teacher training. A core tenet of our training programs is to prepare yoga teachers to lead a life of example, and to integrate and apply these profound teachings in their daily lives.

Q: Is there any meditation in this training?

A: We begin each day with guided meditations that you can also learn and teach to your students. Stemming from Tibetan Heart Yoga, these meditations facilitate deep awakening and self-awareness, and help to engrain the ethical and philosophical teachings covered throughout the training. These meditations are included in the training manual each participant will receive.

Q: What does a typical day look like during the training?

A: For the 200hr and 300hr trainings, each day begins with a morning meditation (~30mn), followed by a 90mn asana practice, breakfast and then a 4hr lecture on various topics (with an occasional break). Then we break for lunch and return for another 2hrs of breaking down poses and teach backs, where the student will work on their teaching skills. In total, we are together for ~8hrs/day, with a 4 days training - 1 day off cycle.

Q: Do I need prior yoga experience to participate in a yoga teacher training at Diamond Heart Yoga School?

A: It is helpful to have some prior experience practicing yoga asana, but it is not a requirement for the 200hr training or workshops/intensives. If you intend to participate in our 300hr training, you must already hold a 200hr yoga teacher training certificate. 

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