Scott will equip you with tools that make yoga education a positive experience for not just your students, but also yourself. Participants will also learn the broad physical, cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of integrating breathing exercises, yoga poses, and relaxation into the classroom.


Yoga training is not an insular or dogmatic enterprise, but rather an association of individuals, from disparate backgrounds, sharing common goals and common experience, whether they be of a spiritual or geographic nature. There are many individualities to teacher development and we welcome you to come explore them with us.


Certification is based upon meeting requisites for attendance, class participation, and practice-teaching assessments. Please keep in mind that our programs are rigorous and require the ability to participate in an intensive program, though they are renowned for accessibility to all types of people.

Continuing education with

Scott Nanamura & YOGA TRADE


2020 Retreats & Trainings



"I've learned how to push myself physically, mentally, and spiritually with Scott's teachings. From the philosophy he begins class with, to the seemingly impossible asanas, to the meditation, I always walk away feeling renewed and fulfilled on all levels. I've grown stronger as a yogi thanks to Scott! "

Samar Jubalyli
Dhy School RYT-200 Graduate

"It is hard to express in words what Scott means to me. If you are lucky enough to spend time time with Scott socially or during a mind blowing yoga class you are immediately drawn to his calm and happy spirit. He inspires many in this community for being a thought provoker and helps guide us to being the change we want to see in the world. He is a game changer and Tahoe is lucky to have him (hopefully we can keep him). "

-Samar Jubalyli, 

Felix Brosch
aka Silver Wolf

"You might not know me, rather unfamous and tucked away in Lake Tahoe California, but take my word when I say that studying with Scott Nanamura will rock your world.

He is my friend and teacher since a decade. The teachings I have received in Tai Chi, Yoga and eastern philosophies are constantly showing its benefits in the ups and downs of life. His teachings lead to a healthy body, sane mind, pure heart and individual soul. His Burning Man name is Moksha Superburner, he is a saint with a slightly bent halo, wicked on the dance floor, meditator extraordinaire, father, brother, son, a doctor of Chinese medicine, funny, funky, friendly and knows how to listen.

Be brave, rip yourselves out of your routine, jump into the cold water and study with Scott. It will be a chance ‘to empty the cup’ and refill it with a new potion including new seeds of love, joy, peace and wisdom. While Scott is providing a safe space you have the opportunity to discover insights by yourself, find a new outlook, and untangle the snarls in your psyches. Have fun stretching and always celebrate life!!"

Libby Stevenson, DHY 500hr 
Graduate, 2019

When I booked my 200hr training with Scott, I was oblivious towards how my life was about to change. The wisdom and truth that he spoke, blew my mind and perception of everything I had built around me. Immediately I decided to stay for the full 500 hours or his trainings. 

Scott balanced meditation, asana and philosophy harmoniously day in and day out. Everyday his classes would provide so much depth, making me stronger, and more fulfilled. Scott gave me tools to not only become a great teacher, but also a better person. 

Thank you Scott for being my guru, teacher and a great friend. I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to study from you. Thank you Zana, for being Scott’s second hand, making the trainings run so smooth and keeping everybody inspired. To anybody who is looking at Scott’s training, take my word... It’ll rock your world!



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